The Easy Button For
Putting It All Together.

At Lightspoke, your applications are fully serviced. From delivering best-in-industry uptime to helping you with your team's work flow. Our customers are not just looking for software — they're looking for a solution.

  • 100% Organic.

    The beauty of Lightspoke is that we can get your application running at 90% very quickly. You can fill in the final 10% as it makes sense. Our services help you put the pieces together - one at a time and at a pace that makes sense for your business. We see this all the time and call it "Organic Growth".

  • From the Ground Up.

    We are the only hosted web application company willing to help you build your application from the ground up. This ensures that your application fits your business process and not the other way around.

  • Right in Front of your Eyes.

    With the ability to design applications on-the-fly, you can build and modify most of your application right in front of your eyes! We can help build most applications across a few meetings. This gives you the chance to see the end result and make adjustments as necessary.

  • As Much or As Little As You Need.

    You can choose to use our services as little or as much as you want (after all, you have the power to make changes to your application yourself). Many customers can get most of the way on a report or dashboard and then enlist our help to complete something technical - like a custom calculation.

  • Your Competitive Advantage

    Be it better management or superior automation or offering your customer a self service solution, we're here to help you get a leg up over your competition.

Kick Start Services

Professional services to get you up and running today! In most cases, customers are up and running with their own customized business solutions in 2 weeks.

The Kick Start includes services to fit your organization and process:

Base data structure ...

  • Identify what aspects of your business needs tracking.
  • Analyze customer business process to determine what the application needs to deliver.
  • Build your base data structures from ground up or identify the Lightspoke application(s) most appropriate for solving the business problems at hand.

Customizing Lightspoke ...

  • Existing information can be imported or integrated.
  • Fields specific to your business can be added or modified.
  • Reports and tasks can be changed to suit your business processes.
  • Permissions and security can be tailored to your organization.
  • Customized reports, forms and tasks can be created to work for your team.

Extending Lightspoke ...

  • Integrating Lightspoke to your website or other information systems.
  • Expanding Lightspoke to track another area of your business. For instance, the Sales CRM application can be integrated with your product database to create an order processing application.

To find out more about the Kick Start program, tell us more about your application and let us know how we might contact you.

Team Customize

100% Customizable. Future proof your application with Team Customize

For customers that have special requirements, our consulting services offer fully customized solutions at a fraction of the time and cost associated with building a web application. This is possible because most of your application can already be handled by Lightspoke. Since customized applications can be developed on top of Lightspoke, you get the best of both worlds: lower cost and TCO without compromising functionality.


Lightspoke professional services can help design a business solution that is tailor made for your organization. Our team has a proven track record for:

  • ensuring fast return on investment for customers
  • identifying the shortest path to the highest value add customizations
  • building customized solutions on top of the Lightspoke platform

If you would like to learn more about how Lightspoke can reduce time and cost to building business solutions, contact us via email: or call us at: 866.669.3332.

Partnership Opportunities

Revenue share with Lightspoke - become a partner! The Lightspoke partnering program gives business and technology consultants an opportunity to profitably help your customers succeed.

Our web-based database is a perfect platform for developing your customer centric applications.

Create application templates based on your consulting area of expertise for your clients and prospective customers.

Offer to help them build customized intranet applications.

The Lightspoke engine features customized work flows to help clients better implement your processes and information management.

Revenue Share Partnership

We offer generous revenue sharing contracts for every customer that you bring to the table. Start earning money on your referrals today! For more information on becoming a Lightspoke partner, Please contact us at or phone free 866.669.3332.