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When 85% Is Not Enough

Fits my business

(and not the other way around)

On the same page -

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Easy-to-use today

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Delivering Customization To The
Last Mile

When the last 20% is 90% of the value!

The Misconception

Many solutions offer 80% of necessary customizations at 20% of the effort. This works well for the solutions provider but not half as well for the business end-user. After helping customers for the last decade and half, it's become pretty clear to our team that 90% of the value a business derives from an application lies within the last 20% of customization.

The Truth Of The Matter

At first this may sound counter-intuitive, but so often in science, it's the "not obvious" that holds the true. Think about it this way - a spreadsheet can input and store data. You can pull that data out and view it, graph it, manipulate it and even perform complex analysis on the data. I'd say all that functionality is at least 60% of the functionality behind a business application. What happens when an entire business unit tries to run it's operational data and storage on a Excel? It's nothing short of a nightmare.

Fact of the matter is, 80% is only a marginal improvement from 60%. In many cases, 80% can result in something worse than Excel. How many times have we worked with an awkward application and wished we could just punch data in a spreadsheet?

The Lightspoke Answer

At Lightspoke, we believe in making it to the last mile.

With triggers that enable customized business logic to be injected into each individual workspace, we consistently achieve 95% of the business' target functionality. We don't always need to hit the 95% mark at first because Lightspoke is flexible enough to grow organically. Applications are often put into testing at 90% with 5% of features in a holding pattern. After using the application, users almost always shift their thinking and come back with a different list of enhancements.

Be smarter and faster than the competition

Lightspoke helps you intelligently automate your business functions

As your trusted information partner, Lightspoke "keeps tabs" and automatically trigger notifications. Customized messaging templates to automate invoices, sales proposals and the like. Scheduled notifications remind staff of overdue tasks, stagnating sales accounts, etc.

100% Organic

Lightspoke grows with your business

Customers continually update their applications to "keep up" with changes in their business process. Our experience shows that growing your application in an organic way is the secret to awesome applications that help teams out perform their competition.

Maximize Collaboration, Minimize Mistakes

Lightspoke helps your team collaborate and connect for synergy
  • Customer self-service
  • Web site integration
  • Personalization and role based access controls

Applications of the people, by the people, for the people

Lightspoke is fully customizable by the citizen developer.

Whether your need a new dashboards or a change in a forms or new reporting requirements, small modifications are a cinch in Lightspoke. Lightspoke empowers your team to organically grow your application alongside your business process.

Delivering "best in class" cloud applications since 2001.

We've been helping customers become more successful since 2001. Our applications fit better because we work harder than any other web database service out there. Customers are like partners to us and we're always here when you need us. Our engineers are trained to think like business people and are committed to their client's success.