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Document Management / Knowledge Base

The FAQ / Knowledge base application provides a corporate knowledge base. It can be used by internal staff or to enable clients to self serve.

Lightspoke Sales CRM web application helps your team work smarter and faster throughout the entire sales process.

A simple knowledge management solution that is accessible everywhere:

The Lightspoke FAQ / Knowledge Management web application helps your team provide self service features to clients and tracks previously resolved issues so your team can work smarter and faster.

Your team will have a complete view of all previous resolutions, discoveries and other sources of knowledge capital.

Since this solution is securely available on the Internet, your team can access request information and status from any desk or building. Couple this solution with the Request Management application to turn your FAQ / Knowledge Base into an enterprise grade corporate support system. Reduce support questions by enabling your customers to self service!

Instantaneous deployment and installation

The Lightspoke web application platform requires no IT infrastructure. The basic knowledge base application can be deployed in minutes with a few simple clicks. Since the application is already in a template format, all you need to do is apply it!

A solution to grow with your organization

Templates are just the beginning of what Lightspoke can offer your teams. You can continue to make modifications to the application after you have applied the template. The solution can grow with the fast changing demands of your environment. Since modification of the templates do not require programming experience -- and only takes minutes to change, YOU are in control of your application!