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Defect Tracker

Deliver software solutions to specifications, on time and on budget with this configuration & change management web application. Track functional specifications, test cases, bugs. Share this application with team members and partners over the web.

Enable your organization to enter purchasing requests through the Purchase Request application. Track your purchases from request through approval, ordering and receipt.

Lightspoke Defect Tracker web application helps your team deliver software to specification, on time and on budget.

Deliver Software On-time and On-budget

Our Defect Tracking solution helps you manage your entire software development life cycle. It enables your entire development team to collaborate on functional specifications, test cases, new feature requests and defects.

Manage functional specifications:

Create, publish and manage functional specifications for your software project. Communicate specifications to developers, testers, clients and project managers. Collaborate on estimating specification time and costs. Use the functional specifications area as a change control tool as your project progresses.

Manage Test Cases:

Test cases are created by testers and tie back to existing functional specification. Use this area of the solution to manage quality as dictated by the functional specifications. Communicate the status of various test cases to project managers and developers. View reports on the status and priority of test cases.

Manage Software Defects

Enable developers to report the status of various defects in the system. Close defects as they are resolved, or post workarounds to existing defects. Defects can be re-assigned to other members of the team. Gain visibility into the quality of the software in real time.

Expand the reach of your software life cycle management tool

As with everything you build with Lightspoke, the defect tracker is completely customizable and flexible.

As your project grows, you can expand the reach of your solution to enabling clients to enter feature requests and post defects for themselves. Or you can use your existing database of defect workarounds as part of a knowledge management / self-help system for end-users.

Whatever you have in mind, Lightspoke has the power to deliver a solution quickly and effectively.