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Web Based Database Service

Web Based Database Service - benefits of web based database service for business web applications:

Web applications have become the standard in database driven business applications. The reasons for web based databases' popularity in the enterprise are

  1. ease of use: point and click simplicity
  2. accessibility: securely accessible from anywhere
  3. lower total cost of ownership: to secure, scale, deploy and maintain.

Despite these advantages, database driven web applications tend to be expensive to create often accompanied by a long development cycle and plenty of bugs in its initial use. Furthermore, in today's fast paced business world, new database and application requirements emerge faster than programmers can implement, leaving the business constantly waiting for the upgrade. Finally, the complexities involved in deployment of the database application often causes a setback or two before the web application begins to truly benefit the business users.

A web based database service can speed web application development and deployment and reduce the cost of ownership associated with maintaining the application. Lightspoke is a web based database service that enables you to create edit publish and share databases securely on the Internet. Moreover, you can make sophisticated web applications from your databases through easy to use dashboard, workflow, forms capabilities.

Creating a database and developing a web application to go along with it generally require a professional programmer - a costly proposition for small businesses/ professionals and resource constrained departments with shrinking IT budgets. As a web-based database service, Lightspoke provides necessary facilities to create, manage and host a database driven web application on-line. Lightspoke offers tools to build customized navigation tools to retrieve information, customized workflow and dashboard facilities to glue your database application together. Better yet, you can instantly share these database applications securely with team members.

Lightspoke offers pre-built web application templates that can get your database started immediately. These database driven web applications are ready to use and can be customized further to better suite your needs. The templates offer various web based database applications "to go":

  1. CRM Database: Sales Force Automation / Customer Relationship Management
  2. Expenses Database: Expense Reporting and Automation
  3. HR Database: HR Tracker
  4. Software Lifecycle Database: Software Requirements and Bug Management

Lightspoke helps an ordinary business user without programming skills to create and distribute web based databases on the fly. Web based database services lower the barriers to having and maintaining a database driven web application. Web based databases are more robust to fast changing requirements - easier to build and also easier to change. Almost any collaborative activity between groups of users or teams can benefit from web based database applications. Since programming is not required to build a database driven web application on Lightspoke, business users are now empowered to create, maintain and manage their own databases.

Best of all, Lightspoke is free for non-commercial use. If you want to use this for your business or at work you will find Lightspoke inexpensively priced at www.lightspoke.com.

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